What does "PDDP" stand for?


PDDP p-Dodecylphenol (PDDP)

Chemical Acronym


PDDP Principal Direction Divisive Partitioning

Algorithm as defined by Daniel Boley, capable of partitioning a set of documents or other samples based on an embedding in a high dimensional Euclidean space (i.e., in which every document is a vector of real numbers)


PDDP - Participatory District Development Programme

Participatory District Development Programme (PDDP) is a follow-up to "Supporting Decentralisatsion in Nepal" (NEP/92/027), a Nepal Planning Commission (NPC)/UNDP project which worked primarily at the district-level to promote decentralised participatory development and to strengthen local governance in Nepal.

PDDP Product Distribution and Directory Publishing (Sprint)



PDDP - a parallel data distribution preprocessor

A Fortran preprocessor under development at LLNL.



PDDP Provincial Drug Distribution Program

Canadian Govt. Acronym


PDDP - Pump Down Displacement Plug

Accessory for drilling devices of TESCO (R) Company


(Abbreviation) People's Destiny Development Party



A company in Essex, UK providing: Mail shot, Inkjet printing, Laser printing, Mail shot designs, Direct mail shot

PDDP Pulse Demon Digital Photography

Huybert van de Stadt
Brenda van der Meulen

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